Deciding Where to Host Your WFO Software

To Prem or Not to Prem

Hosting in the cloud has become much more popular in recent years and seems to have picked up steam during the pandemic, but there are still plenty of valid reasons to host software in your own data center.

There are sometimes hidden costs in the cloud that you don't see with traffic on your own network. Some businesses have more strict security requirements than others, and others prefer to own their full destiny all the way down to servers and cables. The bottom line is that staying on-premise does not make you “behind the times” or “less modern” if your requirements, budget, and strategy demand it.

We have noticed a disturbing trend of vendors in our WFO/WEM market forcing their customers to cloud before they are ready. In some cases even requiring new “cloud” licensing when perpetual on-premise licenses had been purchased for the same software years before and all required maintenance fees paid on time.

Real talk, there is nothing wrong with hosting in the cloud with the benefits of infrastructure at scale, instant scaling up, exceptional uptime, potentially beneficial services, and solutions that can be leveraged and many other benefits along the way.

To cloud or not to cloud should be based on your own business needs.

Our approach to cloud vs. premise products for our customers align to a mantra of simplification & service:

We don't care where you host our products

We don't mind hosting them for you

We have multiple flexible payment models

We will never force a customer to cloud but will be there for them when they are ready

We don’t have multiple code bases for cloud vs premise software so when you move, there is no new implementation for end-users.

When you transition, our software can integrate with your CCaas and premise hosted unified communication platform at the same time with all your data in the same place, for as long as you need it to

Perhaps this poly-hostable, one codebase to rule them all model is a unicorn in our space, perhaps not, but our goal is to insulate our customers against any unnecessary costs or pain as they grow, or move or change direction. This is how we provide revenue protection, compliance & workforce optimization & score an 88 NPS from customers & partners.




Elevēo strives to simplify complexity for contact centers, by providing host anywhere, user friendly, secure, & scalable WFO software.

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Elevēo strives to simplify complexity for contact centers, by providing host anywhere, user friendly, secure, & scalable WFO software.

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