Elevēo Receives 2021 Contact Center Technology Award from CUSTOMER Magazine

Elevēo Schedule Adherence honored for improving customer service technology and improving the customer experience

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE (September 14, 2021) — Elevēo announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Elevēo Schedule Adherence as a 2021 Contact Center…

In a full-employment economy or one wracked by Covid, where staying home pays more than a lower-wage job, the employee experience is key to attracting and retaining employees.

The term ‘economic whiplash’ comes to mind when describing the past year. Everybody knows the statistics; we’ve lived them. A full-employment economy…

The Consumerization of Healthcare

A patient doesn’t cease being a consumer. Healthcare industry players must adopt a holistic view of the patient experience.

Paradigms are shifting in the healthcare ecosystem. The mission of healthcare professionals, hospitals and ancillary service providers, such as radiology, audiology, pulmonary testing services, laboratory services and home-healthcare services, has always…

UX and UI are the best indicators of how well your software provider understands your business, your users and your processes.

The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. Ideally, that same navigational axiom governs a software solution’s user experience and user interface.

A solution that forces…

Contact centers can be competitive differentiators if managers and agents focus as much on the quality of the customer encounter as they do operational efficiency.

Organizations have a natural tendency to distill performance into metrics. That’s understandable; numbers are objective, and when adequately assimilated, tracked and analyzed, numbers are actionable.


Elevēo strives to simplify complexity for contact centers, minimize service interruptions and provide host anywhere, user friendly, secure, & scalable software.

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